Ohio Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Dogs may impact homeowners insurance rates


Dog owners are finding out the hard way that some breeds are not appreciated by many homeowners insurance companies.  Homeowners are asked to disclose the kind of dogs they own while being screened, and some breeds impact your ability to get reasonable Ohio homeowners insurance quotes from http://ohioinsurancequotes.net/ohio-homeowners-insurance-quotes/.


They may even cause you to be blacklisted completely. That’s because insurers are all about risk–and dog bites cost the industry at least $500 million each year. That’s a big number and represents a big risk to insurers.


There is no “official” rule or list of dog breeds that are likely to bite, but insurers cast a doubting eye on several breeds that are thought to be aggressive.  It will come as no surprise that Pit Bulls lead this list.  You can’t go too many days without reading about a pit bull in a vicious attack. Pit bull owners would dispute that they are inherently dangerous, but they represent a disproportionate number of claims. More than, say, a Jack Russell terrier.


Insurers look at the average number of bites per year reported to them when they make a judgment about a breed.


Dobermans are another breed that has been blacklisted at times, along with Rottweilers. These beautiful dogs are powerful and you don’t want your child or yourself to get on their wrong side. Often, kids are just playing with a dog but the dog sees it differently.


Surprisingly, Great Danes have also made the list at times. These huge dogs can be very gentle, but their sheer size must make them a threat in the eyes of insurers.


Did you know there are more than 4 million dog bites each year in the United States?  And there are insurance claims for many of them.


So, what if you don’t tell your insurance company you own a dog?  It’s simple. If a dog bite claim is filed by someone your dog bites, they may not pay anything. You may be personally liable for medical bills and lost wages.  That’s not a good scenario.


Not all insurance companies have problems with dogs, which is why it pays to shop around and compare policies on dog claims.  Those that do have issues may reduce a premium if you put your dog in a good dog training program, agree to keep the dog restrained or cover its face with a muzzle.


These are things any pet owner should think about before bringing a dog into their home.


California Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Homeowner Insurance Claims Stranger than Fiction

As any psychiatrist can tell you, people can be very strange and dysfunctional. But even more than a psychiatrist? An insurance claims professional has seen it all—and been asked to pay for damages.


You’d think that someone who worked in the homeowners insurance field would have a numbingly dull profession. But apparently it can be far from boring. At least some of the time.


The fact is, some policyholders will do anything to get funds from an insurer, and premiums take that into account in their pricing.  The most intelligent response a homeowner can make is to get several California homeowners insurance quotes from http://california-insurance.net/california-homeowners-insurance-quotes/ so you can discern whether or not you are being offered a reasonable deal.


One woman got a huge insurance judgment for injuries to her tailbone after she fell in a puddle of soda.  She neglected to inform her insurance company that she was the one who had spilled the soda by throwing at someone else earlier that night.  No, she withheld that information.


How about the theief who broken into a house, gathered up a load of goods and then locked himself in the garage for more than a week. At risk of starving to death, he raided the homeowners storehouse of dog food and beverages in the garage.


But he wasn’t very grateful—he won an insurance claim against the homeowner for pain and suffering he suffered while in the garage.


And there’s additional insanity.  Homeowners mounted a big mirror on the east wall of their kitchen, then left the house. While they were gone, the sun shifted position and, just like they taught you in scouting, the mirror reflected sunlight on to a silk plant in the kitchen, which ignited.  It didn’t take long for the fire to damage the entire kitchen. And  yes, the insurance company paid for the loss, believe it or not.



How about the new bride who got her gown too close to the Barbie—it went up in flames and her groom threw her into the sea to put it out.  The reception was a disaster, but the insurance company paid up.


How do you assess these claims? Would you pay out? Or would you refuse outright?


But–have you heard about the rabid magpie that flew into someone’s boudoir and stole their eyeglasses?  That’s a tale for another day.


New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Quotes

When homeowners insurance really does cost an arm and a leg


If you think that people who work for insurance sit and desks and process paperwork you’re right—some of the time.  But they also hear some of the most far out stories you can imagine.


How about homeowners trying to pass forgeries off as valuable artwork and then filing claims for their loss? It’s happened.


But the best story at all has to be about a group of people who decided to take advantage of  accidental death and dismembering benefits of insurance policies. They took out a bunch of policies with some of the smaller insurers, and then actually cut off a finger or a toe. Then they filed the loss with each of the insurers and tried to collect.


Thankfully, insurance companies collect data and some eagle eye spotted an unusually high number of missing digits in a certain part of the country. The scammers were caught red-handed, even if one of the hands might have been missing a finger.


Because insurance companies work in risk, they set their rates based on statistics about claims. While you may laugh at these clever scammers, there is a hard reality to it, as well. Every time a scammer wins a judgment, it impacts your ability to get cheap New Jersey homeowners insurance from http://newjersey-insurance.net/new-jersey-homeowners-insurance-quotes/.


For example, the folks who claimed a bovine had licked the paint off their car while they were vacationing in Europe actually filed a claim for it. Who thinks of things like this?


There are actually people who pretend to slip and fall in myriad places—and file claims each time. How do they think they can get away with it?


If you’ve been to India, Africa or Malaysia, you have seen naughty monkeys. Some vacationers had their clothes taken by a clever monkey who ran off with them. They won their claim, too.


Someone might have some explaining to do when they bake their cell phone into a kid’s birthday cake. How that happened would be a story in itself. But the fact that they filed a claim for it is amazing. Of course, the claim was denied.


What kind of moron would do a dive into a kids’ rubber swimming pool and then file a claim on it?  It’s a good question.


Insurance agents like to collect these ridiculous stories and can dine out on them for years.


Arizona Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Homeowners insurance for when the worst happens


Here’s the scenario: out of nowhere, a huge storm arrives in your city. It’s got wind so hard that pedestrians are blown over. The trees in your yard—the ones you paid good money for the landscaper to install, are bent practically in half. The rest of your landscaping is being decimated hour by hour.


Think it couldn’t happen? It can and it’s happening now more often than it used to, for whatever reason.  That’s why astute homeowners are making sure they have all their bases covered with the right kind of homeowners insurance, the kind that will protect you from financial disaster should the worst happen.


It might be time to update your policy. When you start your research, probably online, since so much information is available here, you are probably going to be looking to get low-priced Arizona homeowners insurance quotes from http://arizona-insurance.website/arizona-homeowners-insurance-quotes/. And who can blame you? You work hard for your money.


But the thing is, there’s more than price at stake. You want to be sure you are covered no matter what happens. That if your roof blows off, or windows break or there’s a water leak, you’re not having to pay everything out of pocket.  You’re going to want a policy that takes care of the standard things—your structure and belongings, but you want to make sure that acts of God aren’t ruled out. And if they are, you may need an extra policy. Because you don’t want your investment in landscaping, for example, to go down the tubes.


When you buy homeowners insurance, you’re betting against yourself in a way. You hope that nothing happens, but if it does,  you want to be covered. Sometimes that means you might pay more than you’d like in premiums.  But it really is a matter of protecting yourself and your belongings.


In today’s world we face so many financial pressures. The last thing you want to do is have to rebuilt your house on your own dime. Or replace carpets or roofs or belongings on your own. Like most people, you probably work hard enough just to pay the bills.  You’re not going to want to be faced by huge replacement costs in the event of a huge storm.  How much easier is it to file a claim and get a check to cover any damage?