New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Quotes

New Jersey Homeowners Insurance QuotesWhen homeowners insurance really does cost an arm and a leg

If you think that people who work for insurance sit and desks and process paperwork you’re right—some of the time.  But they also hear some of the most far out stories you can imagine.

How about homeowners trying to pass forgeries off as valuable artwork and then filing claims for their loss? It’s happened.

But the best story at all has to be about a group of people who decided to take advantage of  accidental death and dismembering benefits of insurance policies. They took out a bunch of policies with some of the smaller insurers, and then actually cut off a finger or a toe. Then they filed the loss with each of the insurers and tried to collect.

Thankfully, insurance companies collect data and some eagle eye spotted an unusually high number of missing digits in a certain part of the country. The scammers were caught red-handed, even if one of the hands might have been missing a finger.

Because insurance companies work in risk, they set their rates based on statistics about claims. While you may laugh at these clever scammers, there is a hard reality to it, as well. Every time a scammer wins a judgment, it impacts your ability to get cheap New Jersey homeowners insurance from

For example, the folks who claimed a bovine had licked the paint off their car while they were vacationing in Europe actually filed a claim for it. Who thinks of things like this?

There are actually people who pretend to slip and fall in myriad places—and file claims each time. How do they think they can get away with it?

If you’ve been to India, Africa or Malaysia, you have seen naughty monkeys. Some vacationers had their clothes taken by a clever monkey who ran off with them. They won their claim, too.

Someone might have some explaining to do when they bake their cell phone into a kid’s birthday cake. How that happened would be a story in itself. But the fact that they filed a claim for it is amazing. Of course, the claim was denied.

What kind of moron would do a dive into a kids’ rubber swimming pool and then file a claim on it?  It’s a good question.

Insurance agents like to collect these ridiculous stories and can dine out on them for years.